Ex-CAA Agent Settles Sexual Assault Suit From Actress

Demi Mann_Cameron Mitchell_Split_ - Getty - H 2017
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Cameron Mitchell has reached a settlement with Demi Mann, the aspiring actress whose sexual assault allegations preceded the agent's firing from CAA.

Mann sued Mitchell and CAA in November 2017, claiming the former agent abused his power to gain her trust in order to have sex with her and the agency ignored her complaints. Mitchell emphatically denied the allegations, as did the agency.

Mann dropped her claims against CAA in May, and now has resolved her dispute with Mitchell, who's now CEO of boutique film production firm NYLA Media Group. A stipulation of dismissal with prejudice was filed with the court Wednesday. It says "the parties intend for the terms of their resolution to remain confidential unless and until such time as their agreement requires interpretation or enforcement."

When asked for comment, Mann's attorney, Paul Philips, told The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm going to respect my client's confidentiality and that of Mr. Mitchell, and not comment on the settlement agreement."