Official: CBS 'Glass House' Restraining Order Denied

The Glass House EP 101 - H 2012

The Glass House EP 101 - H 2012

The judge overseeing CBS' lawsuit against ABC over the reality series Glass House has released his final order denying a request for a temporary restraining order. The move was widely expected after last week's tentative ruling allowing the show to air despite CBS protests that it infringes the copyright on its long-running hit Big Brother.

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Here's the full ruling. The case will continue, although ratings for the June 18 debut of Glass House were not great. Sources tell THR that if the show continues to bomb, CBS might re-evaluate whether the lawsuit is even worth pursuing, which would make sense (litigaiton is very expensive, after all). 

Regardless, ABC issued the following statement on Friday:

"We're pleased the court agreed with ABC's arguments that The Glass House is a very different show and people working in the reality television industry should not be prevented from bringing their skills to a new employer. We are thrilled viewers will now get a chance to continue to enjoy and participate in ABC's The Glass House."


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