Charlie Sheen Faces Lawsuit Claiming He Forcibly Imprisoned Porn Star

The actor's attorney Marty Singer responds that Brett Rossi's claims will be refuted by witnesses.
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Charlie Sheen

Yes, Charlie Sheen has been hit with a lawsuit in the aftermath of his admission on The Today Show of having HIV. But the complaint itself, filed by porn star Brett Rossi (birth name: Scottine Ross), is way more bizarre than anybody might have ever expected, from talk of back-end profit participation on the actor's FX series Anger Management to a claim of false imprisonment. Even given Sheen's wild side.

The actor's attorneys are already responding to the lawsuit. Expressing certainty about prevailing, Marty Singer tells The Hollywood Reporter, "There will be numerous witnesses who will dispute all of her claims."

The complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court (read here in full) begins with justification for bringing the lawsuit in open court in the first place. 

Rossi says that on Nov. 1, 2013, she arrived at Sheen's residence for the sole purpose of having sexual intercourse with him for money. Hardly ever does anyone blatantly admit to prostitution, but in this instance, Rossi says she had never met the actor until that point, but through an acquaintance, was told she'd be getting $10,000 to have sex with him. Alas, there was a catch in the form of a non-disclosure agreement, which the complaint frames as "unenforceable" due to "coercion, undue influence, duress, oppression and/or fraud."

Later (but before Sheen's Today Show appearance), the parties had lawyers come into the picture for unspecified reasons (Lenny Dykstra isn't mentioned for any googlers out there). Rossi says she agreed in principal to a settlement where she'd be getting $1 million plus five percent of his profit participation on Anger Management. Then, supposedly, the actor made his HIV confession, blamed her for breaching the deal and demanded that Rossi submit to confidential arbitration. (It's not clear whether they were already in arbitration.) Thus, Rossi's first task is to undercut the validity of the settlement because otherwise the arbitration provision stands. Here, she alleges a "ploy" to "induce" her signature, that Sheen himself never signed it, and as a result, there's no agreement.

Having taken care of this business — likely foreshadowing a challenge on Sheen's part, possibly to whether Rossi really remained mum and arbitration prevails — Rossi then gets into what allegedly happened after her night of prostitution and an "envelope containing $10,000 in cash."

"Within weeks, Plaintiff fell in love with Sheen and believed Sheen fell in love with her," states the complaint that only feints at rom-com territory. "They became romantically involved. They became a couple and spent most of their time together. They discussed a long-term relationship and both desired a serious relationship with the other and to be exclusive with each other and not date or see anyone else."

The story as told continues: Sheen professed that he had stopped drinking and doing drugs; Scott discovered otherwise, and when drunk, Sheen would become "violent and abusive and uncontrollable."

On one occasion in December 2013, the lawsuit describes, Sheen locked Scott in the bathroom and "interrogated her about how many men she had been with, proclaiming that he would not let her leave until she answered his questions."

On another occasion the following month, the two are said to have taken a flight together from Mexico to Iceland where "Sheen attempted to feed french fries to Plaintiff, who said that she didn't want any. Sheen then burst into a fit of rage, throwing the french fries across the plane."

The lawsuit also contains word of a crack cocaine relapse, how Sheen said "he wanted to murder people that he was angry with," and even of a "hit" Sheen allegedly took out on Scott's ex-husband. Rossi says she discovered the "hit" by examining Sheen's text messages, and upon confrontation, she was locked by Sheen in a room for hours.

As for the HIV stuff, Rossi says she discovered medicine for the treatment of disease during the early stages of their relationship, which resulted in him admitting his diagnosis.

According to the complaint, "If Sheen had disclosed to Plaintiff that he was HIV positive when they met for the very first time, Plaintiff would never have engaged in sex with him, and the resulting relationship between the two would never have occurred."

Rossi says that in March 2014, she discovered she was pregnant with his child. Sheen allegedly became extremely upset, demanded an abortion, and told her that he did not want her "to give birth to a retarded child."

She allegedly had an abortion.

Rossi adds that in the following months, Sheen became less diligent about taking his HIV medication "as a result of illegal drug use." Eventually, the relationship ended in October 2014 when Sheen broke up with her via text message, claims the suit. Rossi says she attempted suicide.

The lawsuit has causes of action of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment and negligence with a demand for special, general and punitive damages. Rossi is represented by David Ring at Taylor & Ring.