Charlie Sheen Sued for Allegedly Interfering With Reality Show

MJ Kim/Getty Images

Charlie Sheen has been sued by a man who claims the actor and his family shot down a planned reality series starring estranged Sheen uncle Joe Estevez.

In a lawsuit filed March 29 in Los Angeles Superior Court, reality producer Ed Meyer alleges that Sheen, along with parents Martin and Janet Sheen, conspired to "threaten, interfere with and restrain" a planned reality project starring Estevez, thus damaging Meyer.

The complaint is short on specifics but alleges that Meyer, who filed the case on behalf of himself, claims he's been damaged "in an amount not less than $10 million."

Earlier this month, Meyer gave TMZ a preview of the lawsuit, which at that time was said to include claims that the Sheens conspired to thwart Estevez's attempts to take Charlie Sheen's old job on Two and a Half Men. Those claims are absent from the complaint for intentional interference with contractual relations and unfair competition, but Meyer maintains Sheen impacted the reality project.

The gossip website ID'd Meyer as an attorney and former business partner of Estevez's, although the two are said to be estranged.

We've reached out to Sheen attorney Marty Singer for comment. UPDATE: Singer tells us "this is the most ridiculous lawsuit I have ever seen in my 30-year career. My client doesn't even know who this person is. I'm confident the case will be dismissed."

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