Charlie Sheen Wants "Extortionist" Ex's HIV Lawsuit Out of Court (Exclusive)

Charlie Sheen - H 2015
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Charlie Sheen - H 2015

Charlie Sheen is fighting back against the extraordinary lawsuit (for false imprisonment and assault in addition to not disclosing his HIV diagnosis) filed by porn star Brett Rossi, with whom Sheen was in a relationship in 2014.

The actor, who publicly revealed his diagnosis on the Today show in November, demanded the dismissal of the complaint on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, calling Rossi an "extortionist" and her claims motivated by money and revenge for their breakup. "Nearly a year into their relationship, Rossi revealed her true self: A woman motivated by greed and consumed with jealously," states the document filed by Hollywood power-lawyer Marty Singer.

In the Dec. 3 complaint, Rossi (birth name: Scottine Ross) says she met Sheen when visiting his home in November 2013 for the purpose of having sex with him for $10,000. She says she signed an "illegal, invalid and void non-disclosure agreement" requiring she settle all disputes with Sheen in confidential arbitration. Rossi says after their breakup she signed a settlement of her claims against Sheen for $1 million plus five percent of Sheen's profit participation on Anger Management, his FX sitcom.

Rossi's lawsuit goes into length about alleged abuse, drugs, murderous intentions and more during her relationship with Sheen. Early on in the relationship, she found Sheen’s HIV medication, leading him to confess his diagnosis. "If Sheen had disclosed to Plaintiff that he was HIV positive when they met for the very first time, Plaintiff would never have engaged in sex with him, and the resulting relationship between the two would never have occurred," states her complaint.

Sheen denies her accusations that he concealed his HIV diagnosis ("Rossi was well aware of his medical condition, and fails to mention that she was the one who insisted upon having unprotected sex with Sheen 'like a normal couple'") and denies that he hired her for sex, assaulted her or forced her to have an abortion. (Rossi's lawsuit says that when she found out in March 2014 she was pregnant, Sheen forced her to have an abortion. He allegedly told her at the time that he did not want her "to give birth to a retarded child.")

Sheen paid over $500,000 in gifts, travel and other expenses for Rossi over the course of the relationship, he says. In return, "Rossi attempted to control every aspect of Sheen's life, including ... dictating who he was allowed to spend time with, and even preventing him from seeing his children," states the document. "On at least three occasions, while extremely intoxicated, Rossi assaulted and/or attempted to assault Sheen because she was jealous that he was spending time with other people, including his own kids."

Sheen wants the court to dismiss Rossi's complaint because, he says, she is required to pursue claims against him in arbitration. He says arbitration is required by the NDA she signed in 2013, which he says was definitely "not to facilitate the illegal act of exchanging sexual favors for money." Interestingly, Sheen says everyone who enters his home signs such an agreement.

In addition to the NDA, he says the November 2015 settlement similarly requires Rossi to pursue arbitration, regardless of whether he signed. Sheen says he didn't sign the document because after Rossi signed, but before he had, he and his attorneys noticed a video on a celebrity news website in which Rossi claimed he had exposed her to HIV.

Rossi is repped by David Ring at Taylor & Ring.