Charter Gets Restraining Order Temporarily Restoring Univision Programming

A blackout of the Spanish-language ends, but maybe not for long.
Dorothy Hong

Millions of subscribers to Charter's Spectrum service will again be able to watch Univision after a New York judge on Thursday said she was issuing a restraining order against the Spanish-language broadcaster from pulling its programming. However, the parties will be back in court next Tuesday arguing whether to impose an injunction past seven days.

The parties are in the midst of a contract dispute related to Charter's purchase of Time Warner Cable. Univision insists the carriage deal has expired, while Charter believes that a TWC deal, which runs until 2022, governs the parties' relationship.

On Wednesday, Univision took the bold step of removing its content from Spectrum, which prompted Charter to run to court with the argument that Univision was hijacking the lawsuit and causing it irreparable harm.

A Univision spokesperson says the company "remains ready and willing to meet at any time with Charter Spectrum to engage in comprehensive, good-faith negotiations for the long-term carriage of our stations and networks."

Here's more background on this case and the issues presented.