5 Fantastic Chinese Movie Poster Rip-Offs

Ides of March Poster - H 2011
Columbia Pictures

Ides of March Poster - H 2011

When most people think about piracy in China, they think about the street vendor in Shanghai who sells bootleg copies of DVDs. A Chinese website has made an entertaining case that the Chinese film industry is copying much more. Wenxuecity.com recently took a look at some Chinese movie posters and took a stab at identifying the source of their inspiration. Here's our five favorites...

Eaters (2009) vs. Daddy Day Camp (2007) 


The Ides of March (2011) vs. Lao Nan Ren Li Xian Ji (2011)


The Message (2009) vs. Talk To Her (2002)


Vantage Point (2008) vs. Seven 2 One (2009)


Detective Langlang (2010) vs. Sherlock Holmes (2009)


Here's the full list of copycat movie posters from China.

A new trade deal with China, which lifts the 20 films-per-year import quota by granting 14 more 3D or IMAX titles per year, could solve some of this. Hollywood will have reason to post their own movie posters around Shanghai.

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