'The Crow' Producer Revives Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Jeff Most claims he was shut out of a $70 million remake and hasn't been paid his share of profits from the franchise in four years.
Buena Vista/Photofest

While no Crow V starring Bradley Cooper appears to be in the works at the moment, the formerly rumored production is at the center of a breach of contract lawsuit.

The Crow producer Jeff Most is suing Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation and Sammyjack Productions for breach of contract and seeking millions in damages, according to a complaint filed Monday in L.A. County Superior Court.

Most first sued in 2013, but the next year the parties entered into a tolling agreement, and the lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice.

Most claims he was heavily involved with the first four Crow films and the television series and that his producer's agreement entitles him to a share of the adjusted gross receipts from Crow II, III and IV, plus a share of the net profits and merchandising from the TV show — but for more than four years he hasn't received payments or required semi-annual earnings statements. 

According to the complaint, for seven years following Crow IV, Most was entitled to a right of first negotiation if a new film were to be made. But when reports of a Crow V began flying in 2011, some even listing Most as a producer, he hadn't been elected to produce.

"While Crow II through Crow IV were comparatively smaller film productions, with budgets of less than $10 million each, Plaintiffs allege, on information and belief, that Crow V will have an approximate budget of $70 million, making it a considerably larger production that would typically result in a producer like Plaintiffs receiving greater compensation," states the complaint.

Cooper reportedly exited Crow V in 2011 because of scheduling conflicts.