Daily Mail Trumps Melania’s Lawsuit Over Escort Story

Melania Trump - October 9, 2016 - Getty-H 2017

Melania Trump's libel lawsuit against The Daily Mail over a story that she claims suggested she had been an "escort" may not be totally dead, but it won't play out in a Maryland courtroom. 

The website's parent company, Mail Media, filed a motion to dismiss the suit on the grounds that it wasn't filed in the proper jurisdiction

Trump's lawyers had argued that Daily Mail advertisements target users in Maryland, and therefore the location of the suit was proper. 

Maryland Circuit Court Judge Sharon Burrell isn't buying it. 

"[T]here is nothing about the parties that connects the case against MMI to Maryland — MMI does not have an office in Maryland, Plaintiff does not live in Maryland, and the witnesses are not located in Maryland," writes Burrell. "It would be unreasonable as a matter of constitutional due process for this Court to exert jurisdiction over MMI or MailOnline in the State of Maryland." 

Trump's claims against blogger Webster Griffin Tarpley, who is located in Maryland, will proceed. 

Trump's attorney Charles Harder has not yet commented on the decision, which is posted in full below.