David Letterman's Company Hit With Contract Lawsuit From Lee Gabler

David Letterman 2 - H 2015
John Paul Filo/CBS

David Letterman 2 - H 2015

Lee Gabler has sued The Late Show With David Letterman producer Worldwide Pants, claiming the company owes him $280,000 after it abruptly stopped paying him under a consulting contract.

Gabler, the former co-chair of CAA who in 2007 left the agency for Worldwide Pants, says in the Tuesday complaint he signed a renewal of his contract in 2012 under which the company would pay him $106,000 per month. 

According to the complaint, the contract would be good until 30 days after the production of Letterman's final Late Show, which was in May, at which point Gabler could renegotiate for further consulting to Worldwide Pants. "No later than April 2015, however, Worldwide Pants simply stopped paying Mr. Gabler under the terms of the contract without any notice or warning, despite Mr. Gabler's continued performance under the contract," continues the complaint.

A call to Worldwide Pants met with a message that the office was closed. The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to Letterman and Worldwide Pants president Rob Burnett's representatives for comment. Neither Burnett nor Letterman are defendants.

Stephen Colbert now sits at the desk for CBS' The Late Show.