Is a Mickey Mouse v. Deadmau5 Trademark Battle Brewing?

Disney is investigating an attempt to register the EDM musician's logo.

On Friday, Disney let it be known at the U.S. Trademark Office that it is investigating a trademark registration filed by Deadmau5 (pronounced "dead mouse"). This one is intriguing.

Deadmau5 is the stage name of EDM star Joel Zimmerman.

Last year, Zimmerman's Ronica Holdings Limited applied for a mark consisting of a caricature of a mouse head with black ears, black face, white eyes and white mouth. The registration would cover classes including electrical and scientific apparatus, vehicles (specifically BMX bikes), paper goods, leather goods, toys and sporting goods, staple foods (like coffee), light beverages and entertainment services.

Here's a picture of the attempted registration:

Now, here's a picture of a famous Disney character:

Disney could potentially argue that the Deadmau5 mark is misleading and will confuse the source of goods and services. Disney has requested and been granted 90 days to investigate the claim and file a notice of opposition. Stay tuned.


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