'Desperate Housewives' Trial: Marc Cherry Describes Hitting Nicollette Sheridan With 'My Fingers'

Nicollette Sheridan Trial - P 2012
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Nicollette Sheridan Trial - P 2012

When Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry was asked on the witness stand how long he has felt awful about hitting Nicollette Sheridan in the head, he said, “going on three and a half years now.”

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Despite his remorse, Cherry stood by his story under intense questioning from Sheridan’s attorney Monday. He testified that when he struck the actress, he was demonstrating some physical humor he wanted her to inject into a scene that she had taken him aside to discuss.
Sheridan's attorney asked repeatedly if Sheridan had given him permission to demonstrate on her in such a physical manner. “I didn’t think I needed to,” Cherry answered. “Permission was understood.”

When asked what part of his body hit her, Cherry said “my fingers.” When asked if he had not used his hand, Cherry said, “yes, my fingers are on my right hand.”
“I was just demonstrating the physical business,” he said again a few minutes later.

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After the incident, Cherry said he discussed what had happened with his assistant, a Housewives producer and the director of the episode and decided he needed to apologize because it would be “better to get the scene filmed.”
Cherry said he was upset with himself for hitting any woman. He said he was concerned in particular about how it impacted Sheridan.
However, Cherry said later in 2008 he did tell some people he felt she was “lying “about what happened. He said he felt her allegations, as stated, were “outrageous.”
When an ABC human resources report cleared him, Cherry said he felt vindicated.

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