Disney Settles Donald Duck Molestation Lawsuit

Disney has settled a lawsuit brought by a Pennsylvania woman who claimed her breast was groped by a man dressed as Donald Duck.

April Magolon sued the Walt Disney Co. last year for negligence after allegedly being groped in front of her children at Epcot Center in 2008, alleging a pattern of sexual molestation by costumed characters at Disney World in Florida. 

The lawsuit provoked Gawker to ask at the time, "Who are the strange people in the furry costumes at Disney World, and are they pervs?"

According to court documents, the case has now been dismissed with prejudice, as a result of a settlement. Details of the deal aren't known. The woman had been claiming tens of thousands of dollars in damages for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Disney theme parks have always been prone to some strange lawsuits. Here's our list of the ten weirdest ones over the years.

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