Don Imus Beats Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Warner Wolf says his termination was pretextual, but a judge doesn't see more than "stray comments."
Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Don Imus, 78, has successfully defended an age discrimination lawsuit brought by Warner Wolf, 80.

Wolf, a sports broadcaster once known for his catchphrase "Let's go to the videotape," filed his complaint in New York in February alleging that radio legend Imus routinely made inappropriate comments about his age and wouldn't give him a new contract after Wolf moved to Florida. Wolf says he was replaced with a sportscaster decades younger even after he began contributing remotely, agreed to reduce his salary and got confirmation that a new employment agreement was on its way. Wolf further claimed that Imus and his radio partners had refused to honor a severance clause. 

On Thursday, New York Supreme Court Justice James d'Auguste dismissed the complaint.

The judge writes that since Wolf is a Florida resident, he lacks a viable claim under New York human rights law.

Reaching the merits of the claims nevertheless, d'Auguste writes, "Wolf has not alleged any potentially meritorious factual basis for any of his causes of action, and instead relies on a series of blanket conclusory assertions and assumptions. Indeed, the only specificity contained in complaint are stray comments made by Imus, a member of same protected class as Wolf."

That's the judge's way of saying Imus is old, too.

Here's the full decision.