'Expendables 3' Torrent Downloaders Now Being Targeted for Copyright Infringement

Those who downloaded the film are being told to settle up — or else
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Expendables 3 is more than just a problem for the torrent sites who shared advance copies of the Sylvester Stallone film. Now that the action saga has underwhelmed at the box office, producers are looking for some payback from those who have downloaded the film off of torrent sites.

Ira Siegel, an attorney who represents copyright holders in attacks against torrent users, confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that he is representing Millennium Films and has been sending out demand letters. CEG TEK, an anti-piracy shop, confirms the same.

The letters, which have reported on some message boards, state, "You may be held liable for monetary damages, including court costs and/or attorney fees if a lawsuit is commenced against you for unauthorized copying and/or distribution of the Work listed above. You have until Sunday, October 5, 2014 to access the settlement offer and settle online."

Typically, such offers relayed by ISPs anticipate "John Doe" lawsuits where the plaintiffs attempts to compel identifying information. More settlement demands then go out, and in some instances, lawsuits against individuals commence. Settlements can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on how far the litigation goes. In some instances, judges have rejected lawsuits for not sufficiently pleading proper jurisdiction, among other faults.

The attacks on individual pirates comes after Lionsgate launched its own lawsuit against operators behind limetorrents.com, billionuploads.com, hulfile.eu, played.to, swantshare.com and dotsemper.com. Lionsgate was then able to obtain a restraining order and injunction after telling the judge Expendables 3 had been downloaded 2.1 million times and threatened box office performance.

On Tuesday, attorneys for Lionsgate made a new request in California federal court to expand the injunction to two additional websites discovered to be disseminating the film.

Expendables 3 has made just under $190 million at the box office, with the bulk of money coming overseas. That compares to $300 million worldwide for Expendables 2 and $275 million for the first Expendables.

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