Faizon Love Settles Racism Lawsuit Against Universal

Elf_Faizon Love - Getty - H 2018
Courtesy of Photofest; Getty Images

Faizon Love will not be moving forward in his lawsuit against Universal Studios over promises made in the wake of how the studio marketed Couples Retreat around the globe.

In November, the comic actor resurfaced a controversy over the 2009 film. According to the complaint he filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, after it became known that the international film poster for Couples Retreat had excised the Black actors, Universal attempted to assuage him by getting rid of the racist poster and providing him with lucrative, career-making film roles. "Universal Studios lied," stated the complaint, which also accused the studio of lacking diversity and repeatedly battling cries of racism from others.

Soon after the case was filed, Love attempted to fast-track depositions from some of Universal's current and former executives. Meanwhile, Universal was said in court papers to be preparing a motion to drive the dispute into arbitration.

The case got no further.

On Friday, Love requested dismissal. According to one of his attorneys, "Universal Pictures and Faizon Love reached an amicable agreement.”

No further details have been provided.