Final Accuser in Harvey Weinstein's Trial Testifies That He Groped Her: "I Said No, No, No the Whole Time"

Harvey Weinstein arrives at Manhattan Supreme Court on January 23, 2020 - getty 2-H 2020
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Lauren Young, the sixth and final accusing witness in Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes trial in New York County, told jurors on Wednesday afternoon that he grabbed her while masturbating in a hotel bathroom in February 2013. 

Young said that she was locked into a bathroom with Weinstein, who opened the shower door to block her exit. Then, she said, he began masturbating while simultaneously groping her and trying to pull down her dress without her consent.

Then a model in her early 20s, Young was called to the Montage Beverly Hills hotel to meet with Weinstein and a Mexican model named Claudia Salinas to discuss a script for a dark comedy based on her life.

“I was excited,” she said. “I got ready and I put on my best dress. I was excited to network and pitch my idea.”

Weinstein then moved the meeting from the hotel bar to his room, telling Young and Salinas that he needed to get dressed so he could accept an award with — or give an award to — Quentin Tarantino.

Without her knowledge, Young was led by Weinstein into the suite’s bathroom. “As I stepped into the bathroom, there was a mirror straight ahead and I looked in it and behind me I see Claudia closing the door,” she said.

Weinstein quickly undressed and turned on the shower. He then blocked her path to escape, she said. “I felt so trapped,” she said. “I tried to approach [the door], and he stepped in front of me.”

In the moment, Young laughed nervously. “I just couldn’t believe what was happening to me, and I was really worried and scared that he was going to hurt me or something,” she said. “He starts coming closer to me, so I turned because I didn’t want to look at his naked body.”

After pushing her toward the sink, Weinstein pulled down her dress and started masturbating while grabbing her right breast. “I said, ‘No, No, No,’ the whole time,” she said. “I told him have a boyfriend. … He went from grabbing my right breast to touching my vagina. … He continued to masturbate and ejaculated on the towel.”

According to her testimony, while he was masturbating, Weinstein told her, “How am I going to know if you can act?”

“He left the bathroom first, and I kept standing there in shock,” Young said. “I walked out of the bathroom, and Claudia Salinas was standing right there. I shot her an evil look and I left as quickly as I could.”

Young said she didn’t call the police after the incident “because of his power.” She added, “I was really scared.” (Young later called a Los Angeles police tip line to report the incident.)

The next day, she went to a meeting scheduled with a Weinstein Co. production executive — Barbara Schneeweiss — to confront them about what happened in the hotel. Salinas sat outside the meeting, and Young told her, “Don’t fucking look at me. Don’t talk to me.” She did not end up bringing up the incident during the meeting.

Young didn’t respond to follow-up emails from Schneeweiss about opportunities with The Weinstein Co. “I didn’t want the job,” she told the jury. “I didn’t want anything to do with any of them.” Young never spoke to Weinstein again.

After finishing her testimony to the prosecution, Young confirmed that she's never discussed her allegation publicly and has no intention to sue Weinstein.

Her allegation is part of the indictment that was filed against Weinstein in Los Angeles County in early January. In the New York County case, Young was called to testify as a “prior bad acts” witness, though Weinstein was only charged with the crimes alleged by Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann.

Prior to Young’s testimony, the defense motioned for a mistrial after Young recently announced to the prosecution that she located the dress she wore the night of her alleged run-in with Weinstein.

Meghan Hast, an assistant district attorney, said the New York prosecutors have a photo of the dress but that the actual garment will be taken by the Los Angeles County prosecutors.

Young’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, sat in the first row of the viewing gallery as Young testified on Wednesday.