Fox News Settles Julie Roginsky Lawsuit

The political pundit alleged that Roger Ailes conditioned her network role on a sexual relationship.
AP Photo/Richard Drew
Julie Roginsky

Fox News has wrapped up another settlement on the sexual harassment front. The cable news network has resolved claims by Julie Roginsky, who alleged in a lawsuit that she was denied a position co-hosting the mid-afternoon show The Five after refusing to have a sexual relationship with Roger Ailes.

Roginsky is a political consultant who was a regular on Fox News beginning in 2005. She says her contract was renewed three times. Her complaint filed in New York Supreme Court discussed frequent one-on-one meetings with Ailes, the former president at Fox News who left under a sexual misconduct storm and passed away earlier this year. During those meetings, Roginsky says Ailes would steer the conversation to the personal and made clear he wanted a sexual relationship.

The co-hosting spot on The Five would go to Geraldo Rivera, and although Roginsky remained on rotation on another show, Outnumbered, "she was rarely allowed to lead her own segments, unlike the other panelists on the show," stated her complaint.

Roginsky also reported that after the Ailes scandal erupted and Fox hired the Paul Weiss law firm to investigate, she wasn't contacted even though her claims were known by others.

She sued Fox News, Ailes and Bill Shine for retaliation. The case didn't get far, although Fox did tout its anti-discrimination policies and claimed she failed to "avoid harm" in a court filing.

Terms of the settlement were not made public. The parties told the judge they were working on resolution earlier this month and Roginsky's attorney confirmed a settlement has now been reached.

In another development on the Fox News front today, two more women — Andrea Mackris and Rebecca Diamond — joined a lawsuit against the network and Bill O'Reilly over alleged breaches of prior settlement agreements. (Some analysis on that legal action here.)