Fox News Sues Replica Sites for Cybersquatting

Fox News headquarters - Getty - H 2019
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Fox News is suing anonymous individuals behind two website domains for cybersquatting — and using its famous brand to hawk dietary supplements. 

The network alleges those sites — and — violate federal laws prohibiting cybersquatting, trademark counterfeiting, trademark infringement and copyright infringement.

"This action centers around an intricate online scam perpetrated by John Doe designed to collect consumer financial information and sell dietary supplements," states the complaint. "The scam involves the use of a variety of websites that purport to be associated with Fox News. Upon arriving at these websites, users see a fake Fox News article about a miracle dietary supplement that will help them lose weight. The sites then allow consumers to access a page containing payment fields where the user is prompted to enter their credit card information to buy the advertised supplement."

The domains were registered in October, according to the complaint, and replicate the real Fox News website. (See examples and read the full filing, below.)

Fox News is asking a Virginia federal judge to transfer ownership of these domains (and any similar ones) to the network, bar defendants from doing this again and make them disgorge all revenue made from the sites.