'Get Him to the Greek' tops most-pirated movie list

Greek-1 Web pirates were in the mood for some Russell Brand this week, as "Get Him to the Greek" topped the list of most-downloaded films on Bittorrent, according to TorrentFreak. "Greek" is up (or down?) from the No. 10 slot, besting three new additions to the list, including "Machete," "Predators" and "Hole in One," an "American Pie"-meets-"Caddyshack" comedy notable mostly because it features the acting talents of David Ellison, son of Oracle founder Larry Ellison and proprietor of a $350 million film finance fund.

Anyway, here's the full Top 10:

1(10)Get Him To The Greek7.0 / trailer
2(2)Knight and Day (R5)6.6 / trailer
3(…)Machete (R5)7.6 / trailer
4(4)Robin Hood7.0 / trailer
5(…)Predators (R5)6.9 / trailer
6(3)The Expendables (DVDscr)7.4 / trailer
7(1)Iron Man 27.4 / trailer
8(5)Superman/Batman: Apocalypse?.? / trailer
9(…)Hole In One2.5 / trailer