'The Grinder' Costumer Can't Get Fox's Fred Savage Investigation Report

The Grinder TV - H 2016
Courtesy of FOX

Fox doesn't have to turn over its investigation report regarding an alleged incident between Fred Savage and a costumer on the set of the comedy The Grinder.

Youngjoo Hwang in March 2018 sued Savage and Fox, claiming, among other things, that the actor struck her arm and yelled at her not to touch him while she was dusting off his suit on set and created a hostile environment for women. Fox promptly issued a statement saying it had conducted a thorough investigation and found no evidence of wrongdoing, and Savage said her claims were untrue.

The actor and network in January moved for summary judgment, asking the court to toss the matter. (There currently is a hearing on that motion set for April 17.) In the interim, Hwang asked the court to make Fox turn over the results of its investigation and the identity of its witnesses in discovery.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Holly Fujie on Friday denied the request.

"The Report is based upon a protected pre-litigation investigation," she found. "Moreover, while the names and contact information of witnesses to a claim are subject to discovery, the work product rule protects the identity of those Witnesses who have been interviewed by a party."  

Also filed this week was a status report indicating that the parties agreed to a monetary amount for a settlement, but couldn't agree on "various other terms" and therefore haven't settled the matter.