Harvey Weinstein Contests Termination From The Weinstein Co. in Arbitration

9. Harvey & Bob Weinstein
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images; Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Co-chairmen of the Weinstein Co.

Just when people thought the brothers from Queens were out, they bounce back with The King's Speech, a $393 million worldwide box-office hit that won the best picture Oscar and proved yet again that they know how to manage a campaign better than anyone else. Refinanced -- and remarried -- they've quashed doubts that the Weinstein Co. was perilously close to going under.

Harvey Weinstein has served a demand for arbitration on The Weinstein Co. and is challenging his termination. The demand was quietly filed at JAMS on Oct. 25.

The revelation comes in a footnote in court papers filed Wednesday in Delaware Chancery Court. There, Weinstein is demanding TWC hand over personnel and employment records.

TWC has now responded to Weinstein's request for expedited treatment by attacking his lawsuit as "motivated by an improper, personal purpose" and "not in the Company's best interests for Weinstein to have immediate access to the documents sought."

In his lawsuit, Weinstein references the many women who have come forward to make sexual harassment and assault allegations against him. He says he is in a "unique position to offer insight, and further explain and contextualize his emails," and that by accessing records, "he can more efficiently assist the Company in its investigation of these issues and defense of the NY AG investigation and any other claims asserted against the Company."

The Weinstein Co. reacted to this.

"Respectfully, TWC does not need [Harvey] Weinstein's 'assistance,'" states the company's opposition brief.

In its latest court filing, TWC also sticks up for Bob Weinstein, who was recently accused of sexual harassment by a TV producer.

Responding to Harvey's argument that he should have the same access to information as his brother, the company retorts, "To be clear, not a single woman has accused Robert Weinstein of sexual assault or rape — let alone of decades of predatory sexual behavior. Weinstein's suggestion that 'similar' allegations have been levied against both men is simply false and reveals the true, personal motivation behind the Demand."

The judge has scheduled a hearing for Thursday to discuss the bid for expedited treatment. In advance, TWC states that "Weinstein's goals are directly adverse to the Company" and that a Delaware court shouldn't be rushed into  "blessing an end-run around the discovery rules governing the arbitration of his wrongful termination claims."