Harvey Weinstein Enlists Lawyer Patty Glaser to Fight Weinstein Co. Firing

"We will do whatever we have to do to properly protect his rights vis a vis the company," says Weinstein's new high-powered attorney.
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Patty Glaser, Harvey Weinstein

As Harvey Weinstein reels from published exposés about his alleged sexual misconduct toward many women over several decades, the embattled movie mogul has hired powerhouse litigator Patricia Glaser.

Glaser won't be representing Weinstein in connection with harassment claims or against media outlets including The New Yorker, which on Tuesday had a bombshell story about rape allegations. Instead, her task is to negotiate with The Weinstein Co., which on Sunday night terminated Weinstein's employment after a unanimous vote by the board of directors.

"We hope to work it out," Glaser tells The Hollywood Reporter. "However, we will do whatever we have to do to properly protect his rights vis a vis the company."

Glaser, a named partner at Glaser Weil, has handled many high-profile employment disputes, including representing Keith Olbermann against Al Gore's former Current TV and Conan O'Brien against NBC. Most recently, she also picked up Jamie Horowitz as a client after the former Fox Sports programming head was let go amid an internal investigation about sexual harassment claims.

Although the Weinstein scandal erupted in full public view in the past week after harassment allegations came to light in an initial New York Times report, sources say there's been drama between Harvey and his brother Bob at the company for at least two years. If Weinstein's ouster does make it to court, that will likely be explored.

Weinstein has been teasing a defamation lawsuit as well. Last week, his other attorney Charles Harder said Weinstein was preparing a case against the Times. As of Tuesday afternoon, nothing yet has been filed.

Other attorneys and advisors, including Lisa Bloom and Lanny Davis, have split with Weinstein following the fallout.