Harvey Weinstein Had Heart Palpitations After Guilty Verdict But "He's OK," Lawyer Says

Harvey Weinstein's team on Monday night revealed that their client has experienced heart palpitations and high blood pressure in the hours since being convicted of two sexual assault charges.

Weinstein's spokesperson Juda Engelmayer told The Hollywood Reporter that he is being seen currently at New York's Bellevue Hospital Center before eventually heading to the infirmary at Rikers Island, as was requested after the verdict Monday. As of Tuesday morning, Weinstein remained at Bellevue, Engelmayer confirmed to THR.

Donna Rotunno, Weinstein's top lawyer, revealed during a Fox News interview that her client has suffered from "some high blood pressure and some heart palpitations."

But, she added, "he's OK." After anchor Martha MacCallum said, "That's not surprising," Rotunno replied, "It's not."

On Monday night, Weinstein's spokesperson said he didn't know if Weinstein would spend the night at Bellevue before heading to the infirmary. "He will have medical care" at Rikers Island, Rotunno said. "We made a request. We have already heard tonight that that's being honored."

Weinstein is scheduled to be sentenced on March 11. He faces up to 29 years in prison after being convicted on a first-degree count of criminal sexual act and third-degree rape.

During the television interview, Rotunno and fellow Weinstein lawyer Damon Cheronis were asked if their client is "angry" with them for the guilty verdict.

"Harvey's never been angry with us at all," Rotunno said. "I think Harvey saw how hard we worked, and I think he was grateful. He expressed gratitude to us."

But, she added, "He was shocked. He was shocked because he knows he didn't rape anyone."

Feb. 25, 6:30 a.m. Updated to include that Weinstein remains at Bellevue.