Hollywood Docket: Eminem Publisher Settles Audi Suit; Breitbart Defamation Suit Continues; Rovi v. Hulu

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Eminem's music publisher, Eight Mile Style, has settled a lawsuit against Audi for allegedly using the singer's "Lose Yourself" in an advertisement for the A6 Avant car.

The lawsuit was filed in German court earlier this year after Audi ran a commercial that was said to be similar to a Chrysler commercial that ran at this year's Super Bowl. The lawsuit asked for an injunction and damages.

But Eight Mile Style and Audi have announced a settlement that is mostly undisclosed, except for the revelation that as part of the agreement, Audi would charitably support the revitalization of Detroit by contributing to selected social projects.

In other entertainment law news:

  • Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart has failed in his attempt to knock out a defamation lawsuit by former U.S. Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod, who is suing on grounds that a video of her was deceptively edited to portray her as racist. Breitbart attempted to leverage DC's new anti-SLAPP law by claiming Sherrod's lawsuit was an impingement on his free speech, but a federal judge has denied that motion as well as another to move the case to California.
  • Hulu is being sued by Rovi Technologies for allegedly violating patents related to online TV program guides. Rovi, which was formed after the merger of Macrovision and TV Guide-Gemstar, has licensed patents to a number of companies in the TV industry and has been quite aggressive on the patent litigation front, recently suing Amazon and iMDB. In its new lawsuit, Rovi says it was unable to come to a licensing arrangement with Hulu.
  • A federal judge is refusing to dismiss a class action antitrust lawsuit by former NCAA athletes against Electronic Arts for allegedly conspiring to deprive athletes of payment over the use of their images in video games. A judge called the allegations "significant" and is giving 14 days to respond.