Hollywood Docket: 'Jersey Shore' Trademark Battle Pits DJ Pauly Vs. DJ Paulie

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

A Connecticut man is suing DJ Pauly D. from MTV's Jersey Shore for trademark infringement, claiming the reality star usurped his popularity on the Internet and ruined his business.

The claim comes from Paul Lis, aka "DJ Paulie," who once beat "DJ Pauly D." Paul DelVecchio at the U.S. Trademark office. 

Last year, there was a rush by Jersey Shore stars to trademark their names, and DJ Pauly's application was rejected because of a likelihood of confusion with a guy who runs a website, DJ Paulie's Worldwide Countdown

At the time, DJ Paulie was quite proud of this fact, proclaiming himself, "The Original and Only DJ Paulie Since 1973," but now he says he can't compete.

"Anytime you search DJ Paulie, his name and face come up. I can’t compete,” Lis told AP. “Before the show went on the air, my website was very successful and getting attention from the national advertisers. Now, I’ve pretty much been wiped off the Google map.”

In other legal news:

  • The legal rumblings against Michele Bachmann are growing louder. Now, Katrina and The Waves say they "do not endorse the use of "Walking On Sunshine" by  Bachmann and have instructed their lawyers accordingly." Bachmann hasn't backed down yet, still playing a Tom Petty song at her rallies, which may be permissable with the appropriate license from ASCAP. On the other hand, the musicians will make the case that the performance of music implies a false endorsement.
  • The big law firm, DLA Piper, that represented Paul Ceglia in his lawsuit claiming 80% of Facebook based on old investment agreements, has withdrawn its representation. The firm's backing lent a great deal of credibility to the Ceglia's claims. At the time, the firm reported having investigated Ceglia to satisfaction, but the sudden withdrawal opens questions.The firm isn't commenting on what happened.
  • Trademark owners of Punxsutawney Phil have settled a trademark claim with TruTV over use of the famous groundhog's image in a commercial that ran during the Super Bowl.