Hollywood Docket: Ken Starr vs. Martin Scorsese; Rachael Ray wins domain name; Food Channel vs. Food Network

  • Martin Scorsese is being sued for $600,000 by the same money manager who is currently facing a criminal trial for allegedly running a Ponzi scheme on his celebrity clients. Kenneth Starr (no, the other Ken Starr) says Scorcese didn't pay a required 5% of earnings for bookkeeping services during about 5 years of representation. Starr is accused of bilking about $60 million from high-profile clients like Al Pacino and Uma Thurman. [NYP]
  • TV foodie Rachael Ray has successfully beaten an Indian company who registered the domain name rachelray.com, which is one letter off from the Ray-owned rachaelray.com. The company had argued that the "Rachel" derived from the name of the partner's daughter and the "Ray" came because it was in the business of selling laser ray technology. A judicial panel found the explanation to be a bit suspicious. [Defend My Domain]
  • Speaking of food wars, the Food Channel Network is battling the Television Food Network in Australia on, no surprise, trademark grounds. The case is generating judicial decisions that are more complicated than the recipe for Pavlova. [Federal Court of Australia]
  • China has renewed Google's license the operate in the country after it gave up a challenge to Beijing's web censorship. [AP]
  • A very thoughtful article by NYT columnist David Pogue on seeing both sides of the copyright debate. [NYT]