Hollywood Docket: New Solicitor General; Dr. Dre Settlement; MJ Insurance Lawsuit

The U.S. Senate has approved the nomination of Donald Verrilli Jr. as the nation’s solicitor general.

Verrilli is a favorite of those in Hollywood who favor strong copyright protection laws. He has a track record of repesenting the RIAA and other big media companies in high-profile cases, including the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark 2005 Grokster case, a lawsuit against individiual pirate Jammie Thomas, and briefly, as Viacom's counsel in its $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube.

The Senate voted 72-16 to confirm his nomination after politicians avoided a filibuster.

In other legal news:

  • News Corp. has announced that its long-time senior vp and group general counsel Lawrence Jacobs is leaving the company to pursue philanthropic work. Rupert Murdoch says Jacobs played a key role in building the company.
  • Dr. Dre and WIDEawake Death Row Records have settled a lawsuit, according to court records. Dre sued his former label after it released some of his early work, including "The Chronic," on digital channels. Dre maintained this violated a contract he made when he left the label 15 years ago. Details of the settlement haven't been publicly released.
  • Lloyds of London is attempting  to nullify a $17.5 million policy that concert promoter AEG Live took out on a series of planned concerts by Michael Jackson before his 2009 death. The lawyer of the Jackson estate says that the insurance company is trying to get out of a legitimate claim.
  • The Supreme Court has turned down Wesley Snipes' appeal of his tax conviction. The actor will now serve a 36-month prison term.


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