Hollywood Docket: Pandora Investigated Over Privacy Concerns

Pandora, the popular streaming radio service that lets users create personalized stations, is being investigated by federal authorities over the information it collects from listeners.

The probe was revealed in an SEC filing as the company prepares for an IPO. Pandora believes it's one of several companies in the smart phone app space being served with subpoenas relating to a wider privacy investigation. Pandora warns that it may be subject to "fines by credit card companies and loss of our ability to accept credit and debit card payments" as a result of claims or allegations that it violated laws and regulations related to privacy and data security."

In other legal news:

  • The New York judge in the Limewire case has upped potential damages by ruling yesterday that the file-sharing company may be liable for damages per song, not per album.
  • A bankruptcy court is holding an auction over Blockbuster's assets, and it's packed with lawyers, investment bankers, and reporters. Dish Network and Carl Icahn were among those who submitted bids.
  • Jay-Z's Roc Nation is being sued for violating the trademark on an "inverted diamond" logo.