Hollywood Docket: 'Salt' tops most-pirated movie list

  • "Salt" was the most pirated movie on the Internet this week. A high quality version of the movie starring Angelina Jolie was recently leaked. [TF]
  • Producers of the upcoming film "The Social Network," about the founding of Facebook, have relented to some requested changes from Facebook executives after giving them a peak at the script. [NYT]
  • Prominent RIAA legal antagonists are requesting that the Supreme Court hear a case testing the validity of the "innocent infringer" defense. [Ars Technica]
  • A federal judge has dismissed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit by a concert promoter against the Michael Jackson estate over a failed reunion concert. [AP]
  • The National Jazz Museum has been having trouble clearing distribution of newly discovered music by various jazz legends. In an editorial, the NYT urges Congress to address "orphan works" in copyright laws. [NYT]