Hollywood Docket: Supreme Court loses Stevens; Jill Scott countersuit; Suge Knight vs. Kanye

  • Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has been one of the leading advocates of broad free speech rights and wrote the majority opinion in the Sony/Betamax case that paved the way for the home entertainment market. He's stepping down this summer after 35 years on the court. [AP]
  • R&B singer Jill Scott has filed a countersuit against Hidden Beach Records, claiming the indie label mismanaged her career. We first reported on the case in February when the label sued claiming she refused to honor her contract and cited the exception to the California labor law that prevents talent from being bound to personal services contracts for more than 7 years. [Billboard]
  • A former producer on "Survivor" and "Pimp My Ride" was arrested in Mexico on allegations of strangling his wife to death at a resort. [NYP]
  • Death Row Records founder Suge Knight is suing Kanye West for $1 million for not dealing with an incident at a Miami Beach nightclub five years ago that resulted in a shooting and injuries. [Guardian]
  • The trial of a Waco, Texas, singer accused of aggravated assault was a star-studded affair as singer Willie Nelson and actor Robert Duvall served as character witnesses. [Waco Trib]