Hollywood Docket: Tobey Maguire's Poker Winnings; Porn Star's Piracy Rant; Best Fake Lawyer Ever?

Poker winnings totalling about $300k are at risk for Tobey Maguire in a new lawsuit that looks to recover allegedly ill-gotten gains.

The lawsuit has been brought by trustees of a bankrupt hedge fund manager named Bradley Ruderman, who is currently in prison for operating a ponzi scheme. TMZ reports that trustees are looking for money anywhere they can, and thus going after some of the $5.2 million that Ruderman reportedly lost at unlicensed, high-stakes poker games.

Enter Maguire, who is said to have enjoyed a friendly game of poker. Trustees argue that the money should be recovered because poker is illegal in California.

In other legal news:

  • The trademark owner of a public broadcast show The Gate is suing Fox for violating his rights by airing the now-cancelled The Gates. The plaintiff says that Fox's misappropriation of his trademark caused investors to walk away from his proposed nationally syndicated, religious themed show to be called....wait for it....The Gate. Here's the complaint.
  • A Florida family is suing MGM, claiming it is owed $35,000 for a contract that handed over rights to their life story. The plaintiffs say that the studio's 2009 release of Boot Camp used those rights to tell the story of a troubled teen sent to a rehabilitation camp on a remote island. 
  • Texas has become the 27th state to pass an anti-SLAPP statute that affords its citizens a way to retaliate whensued in an attempt to chill free speech.
  • If we had to handicap the 64 fictional lawyer characters currently competing in a March Madness style bracket, we'd give the edge to Arnie Becker, Lionel Hutz, or Elle Woods. Who do you think will win? Tell us in the comment section.