Hollywood's Settlements: Disney's 'Frozen'; Terry Gilliam's 'Zero Theorem'; 'Three's Company' Parody

Frozen Trailer Screengrab - H 2013

Frozen Trailer Screengrab - H 2013

A few lawsuits that got ample attention here and elsewhere have come to quiet resolutions.

On June 10, the judge overseeing Kelly Wilson's copyright lawsuit against Disney for allegedly using her computer-animated short as the basis for the trailer to the blockbuster film, Frozen, revealed that the parties had advised they had resolved the case.

No details about the settlement were revealed, though Wilson looked to be in a good position after the judge rejected Disney's second attempt to defeat the lawsuit by finding "the sequence of events in both works, from start to finish, is too parallel to conclude that no reasonable juror could find the works substantially similar."

The deal heads off a trial scheduled for October.

In the category of partly resolved comes the copyright lawsuit filed by three street artists over the film Zero Theorem, which allegedly included scenes of a burnt-out chapel covered by a "blatant misappropriation" of a giant street mural in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Originally filed in Illinois, the case was transferred in February to California as the defendants including Voltage Pictures threw up challenges that included the copyright registration of street art, among other objections.

In recent weeks, some of the parties have dropped out. According to court documents, director Terry Gilliam and production designer David Warren came to settlements with the plaintiffs.

Finally, DLT Entertainment, the rights-owner of the 1970s sitcom Three's Company, has finished pursuing David Adjmi over a parody play entitled 3C, which explored the darker side of a gay man living with two women.

In March, Adjmi got a big victory when a New York judge declared a fair use of copyrighted material. The ruling was appealed to the 2nd Circuit, which could have resulted in even more clarity about the analysis into fair use.

On Wednesday, however, the parties informed the court they had reached a settlement and DLT would be withdrawing its appeal.