Hulk Hogan's Attorneys Discuss Gawker Trial, Coming Appeal

David Houston and Hulk Hogan's other attorneys recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the trial with Gawker Media that resulted in a more than $140 million verdict.

"We're all in favor of the First Amendment too," says attorney Charles Harder. "And you protect it by not abusing it. And we protect privacy. We're for both. They are only for one."

In the video, the attorneys present Gawker owner Nick Denton as his own worst enemy. They are incredulous at the other side's arguments and have a message about the next appellate stage: Bring it on.

Denton recently authored his own post about the verdict, in which he called the trial a "sham" and argued that Gawker was unfairly precluded from presenting essential testimony and evidence.

Both sides are due back in court early next month for a status conference, with the appeal likely coming after a late-May hearing, when the judge will decide whether to grant a new trial or trim the damages.