"Most Interesting Man in the World" Sued by Former Agent

Jonathan Goldsmith 2010 - P 2014
Casey Rodgers / AP Images for Electronic Arts

Jonathan Goldsmith 2010 - P 2014

Jonathan Goldsmith, known everywhere as the "most interesting man in the world" thanks to appearances in Dos Equis advertisements, is now facing a breach-of-contract lawsuit from his former talent agency over alleged failure to pay commissions.

"There is nothing interesting about being a deadbeat or failing to pay those directly responsible for one's career success," states the complaint from Jordan Lee, Inc. "As it now turns out, had Goldsmith landed a role that more accurately portray[ed] his true character, he would have landed the role of 'The Least Honorable Man in the Entertainment Business.'"

The lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court alleges that Goldsmith's relationship with the talent agency changed after his wife stopped working for the plaintiff. However, it's not clear when that happened. And Goldsmith, who got the Dos Equis role in 2006 is said to have "continued" paying commissions up until November 2014.

Now almost a year later, the plaintiff is going to court for its 10 percent of ongoing commissions from Goldsmith's work.

The "most interesting man in the world" is said to be on track for $929,000 in gross earnings this year from those Dos Equis ads, passing the $1 million gross earnings mark in 2016.

Goldsmith's reps had no immediate response.

The plaintiff is represented by Bryan Freedman at Freedman & Taitelman.