'Iron Man 3': The Third Most Pirated Film Last Week

Iron Man 3 Downey without Suit - H 2013
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Iron Man 3 Downey without Suit - H 2013

Iron Man 3 ruled the overseas box office with a $195.3 million take from 42 markets, but the film was only the third most pirated film last week.

The blockbuster film has yet to debut domestically, which might be reason to suspect that it would be a hot item online, but it was downloaded fewer times on torrent sites than Jack Reacher and The Last Stand, according to data collected by TorrentFreak.

The third position on the week's most pirated films puts it right in line with how The Avengers performed almost exactly one year ago. That superhero movie also opened as the third most pirated film, going onto become the fourth most pirated film of 2012, behind Project X, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and The Dark Knight Rises. The Avengers was also the top grossing film last year.

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The leaked copy of Iron Man 3 appears to be a camcorded version, known for being of inferior quality to alternatives in piracy circles.

Despite being available on torrent sites for only a few days, the film starring Robert Downey Jr. still was more downloaded than The Host, Gangster Squad and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, among the other notable films on last week's 10 most pirated films. Jack Reacher held its position as the most pirated film for the second consecutive week, ahead of its domestic home entertainment release date on May 7.

In 2012, home entertainment sales -- including DVDs, Blu-Rays and digital sales -- was up slightly, reversing a seven-year downward trend but still off nearly 20 percent from the peak in 2004.