Jeff Berg's Resolution, ICM Settle Agent Commissions Lawsuit (Exclusive)

Resolution alleged ICM had threatened defecting agents over commissions from former clients.
Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images
Jeff Berg

Some degree of peace has erupted in the sometimes cankerous world of Hollywood talent agencies.

Jeff Berg's Resolution Entertainment and his former company ICM Partners have come to a settlement to end a lawsuit that was brought last October.

The case, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleged that ICM had sent letters to agents who left to join Resolution seeking "commissions Resolution earns for some deals Resolution either has negotiated or will negotiate through the agents who used to be ICM Partners employees."

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Berg left his seat as chairman of ICM in 2012 after three decades as a power broker there. He departed amid a conflict and was reported to have received a mid-seven-figure payout. With his new agency, he attracted some of his former ICM colleagues.

The defections raised hackles.

Resolution alleged a months-long "nuisance campaign," wherein ICM has sent "a number of claim letters to Resolution gravely 'reserving rights' against Resolution regarding these agents and commissions."

ICM was allowed ample time to respond to the claims, but eventually the parties came to a private resolution, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The case was dismissed with prejudice earlier this week. Terms haven't been revealed. The plaintiffs were represented by Joseph Taylor and Tiffany Caterina at Liner Grode. The defendants were represented by Howard Weitzman, Lawrence Iser and Kristen Spanier at Kinsella Weitzman.

At least for the moment, another lawsuit by agent Martin Beck against Resolution for luring him away from ICM as part of an alleged plot to poach clients is still pending.

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