Joel Silver Sued for Wrongful Death in Assistant's Bora Bora Drowning

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Joel Silver is being sued by the family of his former assistant. They claim she was fed drugs and alcohol before drowning during a star-studded trip to Bora Bora in 2015.

Carmel Musgrove's estate, and her parents, are suing Silver; his company, Silver Pictures; and its employee Martin Herold for wrongful death.

According to the lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Silver Pictures chartered a Gulfstream to fly family and friends to Bora Bora in the summer of 2015. Musgrove, who was 28 at the time, was Silver's personal assistant and was there for several weeks attending work-related events.

"She, Herold, the Silver-related guests, along with a larger entourage of movie stars and their family members, stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel by occupying over 40 bungalows as part of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's honeymoon celebration," writes attorney Brian Watkins. "Sometime between August 4, 2015, and her death on August 19, 2015, Defendant Herold provided Carmel (and possibly others) with cocaine."

On Aug. 18, Musgrove went on a fishing trip, followed by lunch and dinner with Silver's family — all of which involved alcohol. Later that night, she and Herold drank and did drugs in his bungalow, according to the complaint. Around midnight, back in her own room, Musgrove asked the front desk for matches. The person who delivered them was the last to report seeing her alive.

After more than a day of searching, Musgrove's body was found on the banks of a nearby lagoon.

French authorities found her drowning to be the result of overconsumption of alcohol, consumption of cocaine, fatigue caused by overwork, heat stroke after the fishing trip and a midnight swim during unfavorable weather conditions. Musgrove's family claims the defendant's conduct contributed to four of the five factors.

Representatives for Silver have not yet replied to a request for comment on the lawsuit, which is posted in full below.