Joy Reid Wants Lin Wood Disqualified from Libel Suit

Joy Reid attends "The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks" New York Premiere - Getty-H 2020
Bennett Raglin/WireImage

Joy Reid is using her position as a defendant in an ongoing libel case to do something about L. Lin Wood, the conservative lawyer who has spent the last couple of months attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. On Monday, the MSNBC host filed a motion to have Wood's pro hac vice admission revoked in New York.

As a Georgia-based attorney, Wood needs a judge's permission when appearing around the nation in districts where he is not admitted to practice law. For decades, Wood has done so and has become an attorney who has famously represented notable plaintiffs in defamation cases against big news outlets. He once represented Richard Jewell for being accused of bombing the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. More recently, he represented Nicholas Sandmann over stories about a 2019 incident at the Lincoln Memorial, although the Kentucky teen recently fired Wood.

Against Reid, Wood has been pursuing a case on behalf of a Trump supporter named Roslyn La Liberte. Reid was hauled into court after making comments on social media in reaction to a photograph that was posted. Last year, the suit was revived by the 2nd Circuit — and it's.a decision that has big implications for media outlets facing libel actions in federal court.

Now back at the trial level, Reid's own attorneys are pointing to Wood's recent activity as cause for booting him. The court filing describes how he has "sought to subvert the constitution and rule of law" by "urging the imposition of martial law, making false statements about election results, encouraging the siege of the United States Capitol, and even calling for the arrest and assassination of then-Vice President Mike Pence."

The court filing also brings up Wood's recent attack on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. Wood accused Roberts of arranging “an illegal adoption of two young children from Wales through Jeffrey Epstein.”

Reid also alleges that Wood has filed five frivolous lawsuits related to the last election in violation of attorney ethical rules and has made false statements in this very case on a conference call to discuss recent events.

While it's rare for a judge to revoke one's pro has vice admission, Wood recently was booted off a case in Delaware. Wood had no comment about the development other than to promise he'd be filing a reply brief soon.