Judge Cancels Brett Rossi's Temporary Restraining Order Against Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen  Brett Rossi - Getty - H 2016
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Charlie Sheen  Brett Rossi - Getty - H 2016

A temporary restraining order filed against Charlie Sheen by his ex Scottine Ross, professionally known as Brett Rossi, has been vacated.

Sheen's attorney Andrew Brettler tells The Hollywood Reporter that Ross didn't show up to court on Thursday, and her attorney represented it was because of a personal appearance commitment in Georgia.

Ross requested the order after tabloid reports surfaced claiming Sheen made threats to an unidentified third party that he intended to do harm to her. The LAPD is investigating the situation.

"We’re pleased that the court vacated the restraining order," says Brettler. "It was obvious that there wasn’t enough there for the restraining order to stay in place." 

Brettler says a hearing on the matter is scheduled for May 18.

In their opposition, Sheen's attorneys, Brettler and Marty Singer, painted Ross' request for a restraining order as no more than a financially motivated publicity stunt in response to the fact that her lawsuit against the actor is headed to arbitration, where proceedings will be private. 

"Ross is banking on the fact that Sheen will pay her millions of dollars to avoid the negative publicity surrounding her outrageous claims," states the opposition. "Ross should not be rewarded for her abusive litigation tactics."

Ross is suing Sheen for assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress in connection to his admission of being diagnosed with HIV. A judge ruled in March that arbitration is the appropriate forum for the initial proceedings, although the arbitrator could send the case back to the courts. 

Ross' attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.