Jury Awards 'Survivor' Consultant $480K in $14M Lawsuit

Survivor -The Sole Survivor  2002- H 2016

Survivor consultant Layne Leslie Britton sued Mark Burnett's ex-partner Conrad Riggs, claiming he was shorted at least $14 million for his work on the hit reality competition series, along with other projects. 

Britton’s lawsuit claims a 2000 consulting agreement entitled him to 35 percent of Riggs’ share of revenue from Survivor and 40 percent of Riggs' share of revenue from other Burnett projects, less appropriate expenses and producer fees. Britton said Riggs didn’t start paying him until 2002 and stopped in 2006, but he didn't sue until 2012.

After eight days of arguments and testimony and two full days of deliberation, the tribe has spoken.

The jury decided Friday that Riggs' company, Cloudbreak Entertainment, owes Britton about $480,000, according to Riggs' attorney Eric M. George of Browne George Ross.

George said the jury found Cloudbreak in breach of contract, but also found that the statute of limitation applies. So anything Britton said he was entitled to dated four years prior to the lawsuit is moot.

Riggs as an individual owes Britton nothing, according to George, who said Britton's last settlement offer before trial was $9 million, so comparatively, this damages award is nominal. “We regard this as a total win,” George said.  

Britton’s attorney, Jeffery D. McFarland of Quinn Emanuel, could not immediately be reached for comment.

It remains to be seen how Cloudbreak's recent declaration of Chapter 11 bankruptcy will factor into Britton receiving his damages.