'Justified' Stuntwoman Sues Sony Over On-Set Injury

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Talk about a series lacking respect. Timothy Olyphant is fantastic as Raylan Givens and the fact that he hasn’t gotten attention in the acting categories is all kinds of wrong. Though the series does have some difficulty spreading the wealth among its other characters, it completely nails the season-long guest appearances. It’s smart, different and entertaining.

A professional stuntwoman filed a lawsuit Friday against Sony Pictures Entertainment over an injury she suffered last year while shooting a scene for the FX drama Justified.

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In a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Lisa Hoyle alleges that on Feb. 3, 2011, she was standing next to a parked car on the set, unaware that it was about to be involved in a stunt. The car soon was hit by another car, which caused it to roll over her ankle and knock her unconscious, according to the suit.

The crew had been informed of the stunt during a safety meeting, but Hoyle says she was getting food during the gathering and didn't receive the message about the coming crash. Hoyle contends she was harmed due to the way Sony managed the set and seeks unspecified compensation. Read the lawsuit here.

Following Hoyle's on-set injury, she and her husband, Robert Jakubik, separated. He's also a plaintiff in the lawsuit. Defendants are Sony, which produces Justified; Don Kurt, who served as director of the episode; Gary Lennon, producer; Mark Glick, unit production manager; and Kerry Rossall, stunt coordinator during the time of the accident.

The suit, filed by Adam Salamoff at LA's Sayre & Levitt firm, alleges causes of action for negligence, premises liability and loss of consortium.

A Sony representative declined to comment on the suit.