Key Accuser Challenges Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer: "Are You My Psychiatrist?"

Jessica Mann arrives for the trial of Harvey Weinstein at the Manhattan Criminal Court, on January 31, 2020 -Getty 1-H 2020

On Tuesday afternoon, after three days of dramatic testimony and combative cross-examination, Harvey Weinstein accuser Jessica Mann pushed back strongly when lead defense lawyer Donna Rotunno questioned her mental health history.

“Are you my psychiatrist?” Mann asked Rotunno, a question the lawyer asked to be removed from the record.

Rotunno had asked — and Mann had confirmed — that she “had suicidal ideation,” “thought about a gun at one point” and “engaged in self-harm.”

Mann told Rotunno — and the jury — that she has been diagnosed with panic disorder and anxiety disorder, and acknowledged that her medical records include a suggestion that she displays some tendencies of Borderline Personality Disorder, though she has never been formally diagnosed with such.

Rotunno’s focus on Mann’s mental health was her closing salvo after several long days of questioning. On Friday, Mann told the prosecution that Weinstein raped her in 2013, when she had a complicated relationship with him.

Monday’s testimony ended abruptly when Mann broke down crying and was inconsolable, even after recessing for a short break.

On Tuesday, the jury of 12 men and women (plus alternates) heard recorded conversations that Mann had with a psychic and a “life coach” in 2014.

Describing Weinstein to the psychic, Mann said: “He’s been a part of my life and I can’t share that with people because of who he is and the bad things he’s done, and he tries to cross boundaries in my life but I don’t allow him to.”

After describing her relationship with Weinstein, the psychic responded: “You put him in his place a number of times where his ego was totally out of control.”

Mann also told the psychic that there are “scummy leeches” in her life who are only there “for a purpose to serve me in a good way,” a comment that Rotunno pressed her on.

In the life-coach conversation, using a service called Relationship Reinvented, she discussed her relationship with Weinstein and said that it helps advance her career. “That’s taking care of me,” Mann said on the recording.

On Tuesday morning, an Italian actress — Emanuela Postacchini — testified that in 2013, she saw Mann "crying in the fetal position on the ground" after what Mann has said was Weinstein's attempt to arrange a threesome between them in a hotel.

Throughout Mann's testimony on Tuesday, Rotunno pressed her on emails she had sent to Weinstein in the years after she said he raped her in 2013.

"I’m not ashamed of them and that's why I’m still here," Mann said Tuesday of the correspondence. "I know that it's complicated and difficult, but that doesn't change the fact that he raped me. ... I don't need an excuse. I own my behavior."