Lawsuit Alleges 'Liz and Dick' Insurance Money Scam

Liz & Dick Couple on set of Cleopatra - H 2012

Liz & Dick Couple on set of Cleopatra - H 2012

A man who claimed to have been raising money to insure Lindsay Lohan on the Lifetime movie Liz and Dick is being sued by an investor who wants his money back.

In court papers filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Michael Braun claims he was induced into loaning $110,000 to producer Rick Schwartz, who was supposedly raising money to pay for insurance on the Lohan telefilm. Schwartz, an independent producer and former Miramax executive, was said to be close to Lohan and working with the filmmakers, according to the suit. 

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But when the film was completed, "Braun began inquiring about the return of the $110,000 as promised," the suit states. "Schwartz failed to pay back the $110,000 and began providing Braun with misinformation to delay repayment."

Braun says he later discovered that Schwartz had no connection to the Liz and Dick film. Schwartz is said to have paid back about $36,000 but still to owe $73,000.

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The suit, filed by Bryan Freedman and Brian Turnauer of LA's Freedman & Taitelman, alleges causes of action for fraud, money had and received and breach of agreement.


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