Lawsuit Over Bret Michaels Concert Reveals His Food and Beverage Demands

The singer's suit against a concert promoter includes a copy of his "catering rider," which requires gin and Coronas, and advises that "Sprite is not a substitute for Mountain Dew."

Bret Michaels is suing a tour cruise company and two promoters for allegedly breaching a contract where the rocker and reality TV star was going to get $750,000 to perform on a "Super Cruise."

This isn't the first time that Michaels has allegedly been stiffed over a cancelled show. In fact, almost a year ago to this day, Michaels sued a promoter for a failed concert in Syracuse. He recently emerged partially victorious in that case.

Michaels may hope that his newest lawsuit goes as well as the last one.

Last August, the Poison singer sued Michael Banks and Aloha Events after showing up in Syracuse only to find his gig had been cancelled. After fans started besieging a local news outlet and the state's attorney general with news of the cancelled concert and demanding a refund, the promoter allegedly blamed the cancellation on Michaels himself, saying he had a conflicting TV appearance.

Banks filed an answer to Michaels' complaint that disputed the existence of a contract and any comments to a TV station, but Aloha Events was a no-show.

Today, New York federal judge David Hurd found that Aloha Events was in default as a result of "having failed to plead or otherwise defend in this action" and ordered the company to pay out $95,000.

Michaels has now turned his attention to another alleged perpetrator of a "bait and switch" scheme, alleging in his latest complaint that defendants Shoreline Tours, Tim Towle and Willie Donwell never had any intention of paying his $750,000 fee and then tried to coerce him to reduce it to $400,000.

The singer is now seeking at least $50,000 in damages.

Not for nothing, but one of the fun things about these types of cases is getting a peek at all the things that rock stars demand when putting up a concert. Note to any concert promoter looking to book Bret MIchaels: Sprite is NOT a substitute for Mountain Dew.


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