Power Lawyer Laura Wasser Launches Service to Help Couples Divorce

Laura Wasser - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Guerin Blask

Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, couples who marry will eventually divorce. Unlike the Jolie-Pitts, not all of them have the bankroll necessary to hire a top-tier attorney like Laura Wasser

After years of being asked to help friends of, and assistants to, her high-profile Hollywood clients, Wasser decided it was time to create a resource for people who want to un-couple cheaply and easily. 

"Even though divorce is the end of one part of a relationship and it's sad, the legal part of it shouldn't be difficult," she says. That's where her new company It's Over Easy comes in. After six months of beta testing, the site officially launched Thursday.

Other sites offer the required forms, but Wasser's service also helps couples navigate them using both artificial intelligence and real-life experts. The interactive website offers everything from video explanations of tricky legal concepts to advice on how to co-parent and where to get the best spray tan before diving back into the dating pool. Essentially, it's The Knot for divorce — and Wasser hopes it helps eliminate some of the stigma that comes with splitting up. 

"It’s taboo," she says. "Nobody wants to talk about it. There is no question that it’s not fun. However, if you are going through it, I don’t want it to be regarded as a failure or a nightmare. It's an evolution of the way your family functions."  

Wasser says people are comfortable doing everything from banking to dating online, so this service is a logical way to fill that need. She also says it's a huge time saver. "We never ask you a question twice," says Wasser. "If you type in your name once, then every form will auto-populate your name."

And, of course, it's considerably cheaper than paying an attorney hundreds of dollars an hour. Wasser says the average divorce in the U.S. costs about $20,000. 

“I don’t have that in savings, or a rich family member who’s going to pay that,” says Jonathan, who spent 25 years working in Hollywood before starting a small business with his wife. They’re using the site to split after two decades of marriage. 

In addition to court fees, which vary by state, the basic It's Over Easy package costs $750 per spouse; the pro level is $1,500 and includes a 30-minute conversation with a family law consultant; the premium service is $2,500, which covers both spouses and includes a 90-minute expert consultation. Both pro and premium packages include access to interactive calendars, support calculators and a service that will file your forms with the court for you.

"I would say it’s harder to do an online driving school test than it is to do this paperwork,” says Jonathan, adding that it only works if both parties are willing to participate. "If you want a War of the Roses divorce, this isn’t for you. This is for two adults that want to get it done quickly, that are amicable and know they want to save money and time and walk away fair."