Leighton Meester's Mother Sues Actress, Claiming She 'Sacrificed Her Happiness' for Daughter's Career

Leighton Meester - November 2010
Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

It seems Leighton Meester is living out a real-life version of Gossip Girl.

Last week, the CW star filed a lawsuit against her mother, Constance Meester, alleging that she diverted money that Leighton had sent for her brother’s care for her own plastic surgery.

Now, Constance has filed her own lawsuit, claiming that she "sacrificed her happiness" to support Leighton's acting career, E! News reported.

Constance claims that she paid out a total of $230,000 over the years for Leighton to attend private school and acting classes.

She also is alleging breach of contract, claiming she had a deal with her daughter to receive $10,000 a month as a "dependent adult" eligible for parental support due to medical issues.

Constance claims her daughter either made the payments late or not at all; as a result, her home is now in foreclosure and she lost her health insurance.

In her own suit, filed Friday, Leighton denied that any such contract existed and is asking a judge to agree with her. The suit also claims that Constance threatened to file a $3 million lawsuit unless Leighton starts paying her.

The actress also claims she sent her mother $7,500 per month to help with her brother’s medical expenses. But the suit states that Constance used the money for cosmetic procedures including plastic surgery, hair extensions and Botox.