Lifetime Wins Right to Air Chris Porco Movie on Saturday

The cable network gets some appellate relief after a New York judge issues an injunction on Tuesday.
"Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story"

Lifetime Television has announced that it will be able to air Romeo Killer: The Christopher Porco Story on Saturday.

The cable network was forced to make an emergency appeal after a New York judge on Tuesday issued an injunction. The ban on the ripped-from-the-headlines movie, which stars Matt Barr as convicted murderer Chris Porco, happened after Porco asserted in a lawsuit that it violated his rights to his name and image.

Lifetime quickly blasted the judge's decision as an "unprecedented" one that would cost millions of dollars, harm its brand and represent a disaster to free speech. See the full background on this story here.

Now, Lifetime has been given some relief after New York Supreme Court's appellate division issued a stay on the injunction and ordered Porco to show cause on why the injunction order shouldn't be lifted.

Lifetime is using the moment in the legal sun to now promote its film as the "Lifetime Original Movie Chris Porco doesn’t want you to see."

As the network describes the telefilm, "The two-hour film is inspired by the true story of a handsome young college student who became the prime suspect in the shocking murder of his father."

Porco has been ordered to show cause no later than April 10.

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