New York Fashion Week Does the Catwalk Into a Courtroom

New York Fashion Week Runway - H 2012
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Runway - H 2012

Let it not be said that New York Fashion Week has come and gone without some catty remarks in a courtroom over size.

On Monday, Pier 59 Studios in New York filed a humorous lawsuit against Spring Studios New York. The two companies are in competition with each other in the business of renting out event space.

At 100,000 square feet, Pier 59 would like to claim title to being "the largest studio complex of its kind in the world," but the problem is that Spring Studios touts a photographic and film studio encompassing over 150,000 square feet of space. Pier 59 asserts in its complaint that Spring Studios "leases less than 31,000 square feet," and as a possible explanation for the discrepancy, adds, "The amount of 'studio square footage' or 'studio space' within a studio facility is commonly understood in the industry to be considered the actual space within the studio that is usable for actual shooting, and does not include ancillary facilities."

The alleged result is clients being misled to believe Spring Studios "charges a lower price per square foot."

But that's not all.

"Upon information and belief, defendant Spring Studios has on a number of occasions made false claims to the public/its potential clients that it is the New York City 'House of Fashion Week,' which it is not," states the lawsuit.

And what about a certificate of occupancy allowing for 1,600 people?

"Upon information and belief, defendant Spring Studios is mischaracterizing its facility as a photography studio because it cannot be feasibly used for the purpose of a photography studio where the photography equipment used inside its studios would pose a hazard if the studio ever did reach its maximum allowable capacity of 1,600 people," adds the complaint.

We've reached out to Spring Studios for comment. The locale is set to host events at the Tribeca Film Festival next month.