'Desperate Housewives' Trial: Nicollette Sheridan Describes Being Hit By Creator Marc Cherry

Nicollette Sheridan
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Former Desperate Housewives actress Nicollette Sheridan testified Thursday in detail about the alleged altercation with series creator Marc Cherry that she believes led to her firing from the hit ABC show.

Sheridan, testifying in Los Angeles Superior Court as part of a trial over her lawsuit against Cherry and ABC, started the afternoon with a detailed description of Cherry striking her on the set in 2008. She said she approached him during  rehearsal of a scene in her character's house to ask that he write her a funny exit line for the scene.

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"He got agitated and annoyed and didn't respond," Sheridan testified. After the rehearsal, she said she went to him again. He was standing with the director of the episode and others. "He got agitated," Sheridan said, and led her to a side area away from others. "What is it you want?" Sheridan testifed, mimicking Cherry's sharp, loud voice. She said she offered to explain her request again but she was cut off.

"Cherry stepped toward me and with his right hand he hit me upside the head," Sheridan said, adding that her head jerked and she was stunned. She then yelled at him, "You hit me in the head! That is not OK. That is not OK."

Sheridan said she then rode a van back to her trailer with co-star Neal McDonough, who played her husband. "Neal said if I saw him I would have hit him back," Sheridan testified. McDonough stayed with her in her trailer until he was called to wardrobe, she said. Then Cherry arrived to see her.

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"On the doorstep, he said, 'I am on bended knee begging your forgiveness,' " she testified. "I said, 'Why would you do that? He wrapped his arms around me and apologized again. Then he changed the subject."

A little later she shot the scene with new dialogue that Cherry had written. When asked by her lawyer why she returned to the set, Sheridan said, "I pride myself on being a professional. I wasn't going to let everybody else down."

Sheridan claims the incident led Cherry to write her off the show. Testimony in the wrongful termination lawsuit is continuing. Background in the case is here.